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SaynaSLuke's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm an artist/writer who's a big fan of Redwall (by Brian Jacques) I draw way more pictures then I know what to do with, and I write Fanfics. I'm currently writing an original novel .. but we'll see. ;)

My real name? What even. I am Sayna. I will stay Sayna as long as I can. I solemnly swear to endeavor not to grow up.

I don't have a boyfriend and haven't ever had one. That is not the end of the world. I may meet some one someday. Maybe. But that would be weird.

I'm pretty friendly, but very protective of my friends, and a total tomboy.

I like spicy food.

I love horses, Redwall, and anthro.

I like roller skating. And swimming. And horse back-riding. And archery. Especially archery ... ^^

I want to learn fencing and have a great interest in all weapons.

I am random. I'm also somewhat sarcastic.

Most importantly, I'm a Christian. But I won't judge you if you aren't.

Oh yea. About requests.

Well, I don't normally take them on Deviantart, seeing as I take them for all my wiki friends :) If anyone really wants one (and I know them) I will take a request.

There are some things I won't draw however .. I have to draw the line somewhere. Seeing as I will take requests only from my acquaintances (sorry, but I can't be taking request right and left from everyone; I'd never have time to do anything else) I doubt this would be a problem. But ... you never know. I'll just be clear and upfront.

I will not draw:

Mature content. That's not my cup of tea.

In other words, nothing crass or obscene.

About violence.

I will draw action (although I'm still practicing that) I'll draw swordfights, chases, fighting .. that's ok. I'll put some blood in it too, but there's a limit.

Bloody weapons and some injuries are one thing .. disembowelment is another. Nothing extremely gory. (besides .. I couldn't really draw such things, and personally do not want to.)

And now I might be learning how stamps work ...

Redwall Stamp by ForeRunnerOfAutumn Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 Toothless Stamp by StarlaNorthstar My Characters STAMP by NocturnalMelody9
narnia by lauren-lovebites Narnia Comedy in Stamp Form by TheWritingDragon Redwall Stamp by RuluuPostage Vali stamp by Lilafly
Drako stamp by Lilafly Cats Stamps :3 by FelineMyth ShadowClan Stamp by VampsStock I love Dutch Rabbits by WishmasterAlchemist
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The Dragons
Ok, so I've wanted to do this picture forever .. (well .. a long time anyway) It's an actual object in 'Tears', being the picture Grath and Inbar find on the 'Seawarrior'. And it's of Conva, Kanja, and Barranca (Barranca is so /adorable/ as a little kid!! I can't .. he's soooo cute!Love Fun fact, Conva is actually the older brother ;) (Wink) (he's three seasons the elder, here I see them as being 12 and 9 in this portrait) Some have remarked that Conva and Barranca don't look that related, and that's intentional. They're half brothers, Kanja was never actually married. Also, that's what Romsca's grandfather looks like :) Maybe it's easier to see where she got her striking coloration now, after seeing her grandfather, father, and mother. Wink/Razz 

On the actual making of this picture ... Uuuuuugh! I think I've fainted. This took me forever! (it was totally worth it though) Obviously digital art, but I switched things up a bit and gave it a parchment background (which I found with Google, the site said it was a free download .. not trying to steal anything here) It just looks so cool! And sort of elegant too :D

I'm not sure what happened to Kanja's arms .. I sort of forgot them .. but I'm just pretending they're sort of behind the two boys. Sooo .. yea, we're just going to forget that part because I'm so completely done here .. I spent about six hours on this (most of my pics take an hour and a half max) :XD:
Xzaris 'Unseen World'
This picture may look sort of unfinished, and guess what .. it is :XD: I literally spilled water on this pic as I was working on it three times .. I just wasn't having good luck. (if there are random splotches showing up, that's the reason .. hope the scanner hid all of it, but IDK) I decided to just cut my losses before I completely destroyed all my work here, and scanned it.

Anyways, about the picture itself .. If you know much (or even a little) about my characters, Xzaris is blinded and is given the gift of spiritual sight. This means he can see anything that has a spiritual side to it .. pearls, magic swords, Romsca's hair, souls ... and the light and dark wolves. As he uses the power he learns to feel emotions and pretty much use it to be a really amazing spy .. after all, he can't see anything mortal .. so he can see through walls .. trees .. there's no sneaking up on him. But for all it helps him, he's still seeing things that weren't really meant for mortal eyes, and sometimes it's so frightening and disturbing he wonders how long he'll be able to keep his sanity.

Also, I drew a dark wolf besides Malimore ^^ And Eldrid. Please do not mind Eldrid's wings, I didn't get them quite right. (they weren't supposed to cover the dark wolf's face) He can however, rotate them anywhere around his body and use them as weapons themselves ... they're pretty darn cool. Describing them is going to be a trip though .. really, I think the only way to really show how they work is if I could animate them :XD:
Sayna 'Icetor's Curse'
This picture .. is a little more startling then I thought it would be, but then, IDK what I was thinking because Sayna is .. literally a walking corpse, to put it plainly. Insomnia does this to me XD Anyway, I'm planning out the rest of Seven Tears Shed and I got to the part where I actually kill Sayna off (which yes, I do .. eventually ..) ;P And all that morbidity inspired .. this. Sayna looks like a ghoul of some sort .. guess she kind of is. And actually, in the original piece, her hair has a little more gold in it then the scanned version. But very little. Also, if you notice she has gray eyes instead black ones, that's a thing that happens.
Dyrge Deathpaw
And another pic of the crazy emo ermine :XD: This time in digital art :D I know I haven't done many of those (I've started a lot, I just haven't finished a lot ;P ) Anyway, Dyrge isn't the main character of 'Prince of the North', Askor is, being the prince of the north himself lol. But she's kind of a secondary main.

I seriously need to draw Askor ... hmm ..Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. 
So Astar tagged me, and it looks fun, so here goes!

Val's getting interviewed this time .. I'm sure she won't mind (lol) And for some reason I threw Romsca in there too, probably cause their interactions can be funny XD Also cause of question 8 lol

Val battle stance by SaynaSLuke

Romsca 'Power of Loyalty' by SaynaSLuke

1. What is your name?

Val: "Me? I'm Val Bloodpaws .. full name bein' Valentine .. Bloodpaws, a course."

Romsca: "I'm Romsca a the House of the Dragons, daughter a Conva of the Dragons, an' Capt'n a the Waveworm."

2. Do you know why you were named that?

Val: "Huh .. never really thought bout it much. Obviously Bloodpaws is me family name, but as fer the Valentine part, I ain't really sure. I know it means 'strong' so maybe that has somethin' ta do with it. Me parents died a'fore I asked 'em."

Romsca: "I really don't gotta a clue."

3. Are you single or taken?

Val: " *Ehehehe* Ehh, about that .. wull it's rather complicated ya know. I actually have'a a boyfriend .. one I've dated fer seasons, but things is changin' an' .. we don't quite see eye ta eye no more. An' there is someone else .. not sayin' I'ma cheater or nothin', he's just real mysterious an' .. cute .. um .. ya know, NEXT QUESTION PLEASE!"

Romsca: "Yea, I hate drama. I'm single, always have been."

Val: "Ehhhh .."

Romsca: "Please don't, I know what yer gonna say, an' it ain't true."

4. Any abilities or powers?

Val: "Wull a course .. I'm a swordsbeast ya know, me weapon a choice is a katana, but I duel wield when I need ta. Ya know, two katanas. I like ta think I'ma very social an' friendly person, I try ta always make others see the joy an' hope out there. I'ma purty good cook too. Oh, an' dying hair .. I love dyin' hair so much .. me friends think I'm obsessed."

Romsca: "I'ma capt'n, I've gotta ship an' crew under me .. at least .. I did. I've been trainin' in the ways a war since I was a kit, me weapons a choice is a war axe, cutlass or sword, an' knives. Also now I have some weird .. erm .. power, given ta me by Lord Ignasa .. basically I can vanish. It's crazy, I donno if I'm even usin' it right."

5. What is your eye color?

Val: "Dark blue a course, what else'd they be?"

Romsca: "Kinda muddy green."

6. How about your hair color?

Val: "Red, bright red .. yep, that's totally natural! Uhhg .. fine. Me hair's really white with reddish tips. But never mind that, see how awesome it is now?"

Romsca: "Black .. with a turquoise streak in it .. thank ya very much Val .. *pointed look*"

7. Have you got any family members?

Val: "Sure do! Me boyfriend Rasconza .. well .. I hope .. um, me awesome pirate sister Romsca, her Uncle Barranca, me best friend, Xzaris .... oh, ya meant like .. biological family? Oh. Uh, no, not anymore. I had a mum an' a little brother once, but they .. were killed an' all. Never knew much 'bout me dad. Jist that he's dead too."

Romsca: "Xzaris, Val, Rasconza, me uncle Barranca, an' me mother, Arashi. Me father is dead."

8. Oh, how about pets?

Val: "Umm .. pets? Nope, never had one actually, though me sister Romsca, she's gotta pet orchid .. don't tell her I said that .. it's kinda a secret, cause she wouldn't wanna admit she talks ta a plant .. an' thinks a it as a pet .. Ya know, next question .."

Romsca: "I'm right here ya know. An' Imma pay ya back good fer this."

Val: *nervous giggle*

9. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like?

Val: "Hmm .. I really hate seein' me friends depressed (an' that happens a lot ..) Umm .. I don't like .. several beasts, I'm jist not gonna mention names .. they know who they is .. I don't like bein' at odds with me boyfriend. I hate it when beasts see me as inferior cause I'm small, an' when they think I'm jist somethin' purty ta pertect. I don't like spiders either. Gahh .. spiders ..."

Romsca: "I hate failing. I despise it. I hate watchin' those I love suffer. I hate Ublaz .. Monitors .. sometimes I hate meself. I hate a lotta things."

10. Do you have any activities/hobbies you like to do?

Val: "Dying hair is my favorite!! Uhm .. yes, there are other things. I love shopping, getting new stuff and all that. I like sailin', hangin' out with me friends, tryin' ta sing .. dueling too. Yea."

Romsca: "I write an' draw when I can. But mostly me time is taken by me work, an' now by havin' ta be a leader fer me people."

11. Have you hurt anyone in any way before?

Val: "Uhhh .. duh, I'ma pirate. An' I've worked as a barmaid a'fore. Come on, I've done way more'n jist hurt beasts."

Romsca: "What she said, minus the barmaid part."

12. Ever ... killed anyone before?

Val: "Uhh, yea. I don't even know how many beasts I've killed, honestly. Ya probably think I'm some sorta murder now, an' I kinda is actually. I mean, I was a barmaid. Beasts act real stupid when they's drunk an' I was a barmaid. Unfortunatly fer them I wasn't takin' none a that an' I'm loyal ta me boyfriend, so yea .. if it got ta the point where I thought me life might be in danger, I did what I had ta. Also now I'm involved inna war, an' I'm often attakin' our enemies. I've sorta givin' up takin' note a them now. Not really any point in dwellin' on it, I don't love it, but I'm pertecting me friends .. family, an' what I believe is right so .. there ya have it."

Romsca: "I'ma capt'n, I've killed mutineers and raided woodlander settlements, an' now I'm fightin' against some'a me own people. I got caught inna civil war. Sides, I'd venture a guess that most Sampetrians have killed .. likely before adulthood. It's not my favorite pastime, but I'm very hardened ta it. So much so I scare meself sometimes, an' if ya think I'm a monster, yer right. No disagreement there." 

13. What kind of animal are you?

Val: "I'ma fox! I know I'm tiny, but yea. Definitely a fox."

Romsca: "I'm actually a wearet, me dad's dad was half ferret, half weasel. But since the resta me near family aside from me uncle are ferrets, I consider meself a ferret."

14. Name your worst habits?

Val: "Hmm. Probably bein' snoopy an' inconsiderate a personal space. Also I'm real impatient."

Romsca: "Losin' me temper. That an' obsessin' over what I coulda done different, like it really makes a difference. Stayin' up mosta the night. Always thinkin' I gotta do it all."

15. Do you look up to anyone at all?

Val: "Me sister Rom .. she's so strong, so brave an' loyal. I know she don't think she is, but I know she is. She's kinda crazy, but if I had just'a fraction a her strength .. yea. An' Rasconza, me boyfriend. He's calloused, maybe, but I know he's kind and daring .. he was me first friend. An' Xzaris, he's always real level headed. I donno .. I wouldn't wanna be in any a their boots, but I admire 'em all for how they jist don't back down, ever."

Romsca: *scuffs boot* "Uhh .. yea, anyway, me greatest hero was always me dad. He was the best dad anybeast could ever have. I guess I never really let meself look up ta anybeast else, cause it'd feel like I was betrayin' his memory somehow."

16. Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?

Val: "Um. Never really gave that any thought .. I've always been inta guys, ya know? So I gotta say straight."

Romsca: *coughs into paw* Uh. Erm. How do I answer that .. I ain't actually .. sexually attracted ta anybeast. At all. But I can't imagine meself feelin' that way about .. another female. Look I'ma warrior ok? I got more important things ta worry about."

17. Do you go to school?

Val: "School? Ain't that somethin' woodlanders do? Yea, I'ma pirate. I learn things from me friends an' all, but ya kinda learn on the job. Or ya die on the job. That's jist how our lives work out."

Romsca: *nods*

18. Ever wanna get married and have kids?

Val: "Ehhhh .. sure, why not? I mean, I wanna git married, I just gotta marry somebeast (sooner rather'n later hopefully) cause I really hate bein' alone. When I'm alone I jist feel like the walls are closin' in on me .. smotherin' me .. I gotta be in somebody's face constantly it seems. Kits would be so totally adorable too!! Ooooh I could dye their hair ..! Yes! One hundred percent yes here!"

Romsca: ... No. One hundred percent no. I'm horrible with kits. An' I normally get along better on me own. Sides, I can't imagine anybeast .. lovin' me."

Val: "Awww but little Romscas'd be so cuuute! An' besides .. "

Romsca: "Just no."

19. What are you most afraid of?

Val: "Spiders ... Um, no, not really. I'm most afraid a losin' everybeast that matters ta me an' bein' alone forever."

Romsca: "I hate ta admit this, but I've always been terrorfied a Ublaz's Monitors .. his giant lizards. But more importantly, I fear failure .. I fear nightmares .. I fear becomin' a total monster. I fear losin' meself, me freedom, an' me purpose. I fear failin' those I love."

20. What do you usually wear?

Val: "A blue tunic that fastens over one shoulder an' has this sash hangin' off .. ya know, there's a ring that goes over me shoulder an' I loop this sash through it ta hold the back up. Arrge it's hard ta explain ok? Anyways, I'm mostly wearin' me armor nowadays."

Romsca: "Armor. That or some clothes Val got fer me. I go through clothes purty fast, what with rippin' 'em up in fights an' such."

21. What's one food that tempts you?

Val: "Sugar .. anything involvin' sugar .. mostly cake ... *dreamy sigh*"

Romsca: "Sushi with wasabi sauce .. I can't resist it ... ever. If it's there, I'm gonna eat it .."

Val: "Yea, seriously, don't git between Rom'n her sushi .. jist don't."

22. What class are you? Low class, middle class, or high class?

Val: "Wull, by Sampetrain standards I'm practically dirt .. I don't gotta house, so I'd be considered a the lowest class. Me friends never saw me like that however, an' me own awesome sister is a the House a the Dragons, the rulin' house. An' me boyfriend's gotta strong house ta, so I guess cause'a who I know, I'm a little better off'n most houseless beasts. But it's still real hard ta get a good job an' things like that."

Romsca: "Wull if'n she's dirt, I ain't much better, cause while the Dragon house used ta rule Sampetra, mosta them got killed off by Ublaz when he took over. It's only by a miracle that I'm alive taday. Actually, a boatload a miracles. I gotta ship, but that's only cause me dad worked his tail off before he died, an' I inherited his wealth. It's all gone now, though."

23. How many friends do you have?

Val: "I don't have trouble makin' friends, not really. A course there's me friends I've had forever, Rom, Xzaris, Rasconza .. but I'm real close ta Shui, the dragon princess. An' I hang out with Clecky lots too .. he's a hare an the funniest! I donno, I just sorta view most beast I know as me friends. Unless their me enemies, but that ain't the point."

Romsca: "Uh, purty much Val, Xzaris, an' Rasconza. I'm socially challenged an' I don't really try ta expand me horizons much."

24. Favorite drink?

Val: "Yah, fer the record I don't get real drunk, but I like ale. Kinda strong ale too .. come'n I practically grew up inna bar. But I like tea with ginger too."

Romsca: "I .. can't stand alcohol .. I know, pirate capt'ns should get drunk alla time, right? Never been one a those pirate capt'ns. I like ta keep me sanity. Tea is ma drink a choice.

25. What's your favorite place?

Val: "The beach, I love lookin' fer shells and sittin' inna waves. Sampetra's got some real nice white sand beaches ta .. I also like bein' onna ship that ain't in sighta land. There's somethin' magical about how blue the waves kin be, an' jist how much water there is."

Romsca: "The garden a my Uncle's manor. There are so many good memories a that place, it's a part a me childhood, an' when I'm there .. I feel almost innocent again. That an' the open sea."

26. Are you interested in anyone?

Val: "Wull yea, I kinda said so already. I'm sorta torn between two guys see? An' it ain't easy. I always thought me an' Rasconza was jist a given, but now he's gettin' real .. weird, an' Hood showed up .. and he's like, super mysterious .. an' .. oh I don't know!"

Romsca: "No."

Val: "*blurts* As if she's totally into Xzaris!"

Romsca: "*glares* Don't bring him inta this .."
  • Listening to: Abney Park
  • Reading: My Computer Screen
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water


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