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SaynaSLuke's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm an artist/writer who's a big fan of Redwall (by Brian Jacques) I draw way more pictures then I know what to do with, and I write Fanfics. I'm currently writing an original novel .. but we'll see. ;)

My real name? What even. I am Sayna. I will stay Sayna as long as I can. I solemnly swear to endeavor not to grow up.

I don't have a boyfriend and haven't ever had one. That is not the end of the world. I may meet some one someday. Maybe. But that would be weird.

I'm pretty friendly, but very protective of my friends, and a total tomboy.

I like spicy food.

I love horses, Redwall, and anthro.

I like roller skating. And swimming. And horse back-riding. And archery. Especially archery ... ^^

I want to learn fencing and have a great interest in all weapons.

I am random. I'm also somewhat sarcastic.

Most importantly, I'm a Christian. But I won't judge you if you aren't.

Oh yea. About requests.

Well, I don't normally take them on Deviantart, seeing as I take them for all my wiki friends :) If anyone really wants one (and I know them) I will take a request.

There are some things I won't draw however .. I have to draw the line somewhere. Seeing as I will take requests only from my acquaintances (sorry, but I can't be taking request right and left from everyone; I'd never have time to do anything else) I doubt this would be a problem. But ... you never know. I'll just be clear and upfront.

I will not draw:

Mature content. That's not my cup of tea.

In other words, nothing crass or obscene.

About violence.

I will draw action (although I'm still practicing that) I'll draw swordfights, chases, fighting .. that's ok. I'll put some blood in it too, but there's a limit.

Bloody weapons and some injuries are one thing .. disembowelment is another. Nothing extremely gory. (besides .. I couldn't really draw such things, and personally do not want to.)

And now I might be learning how stamps work ...

Redwall Stamp by ForeRunnerOfAutumn Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 Toothless Stamp by StarlaNorthstar My Characters STAMP by NocturnalMelody9
narnia by lauren-lovebites Narnia Comedy in Stamp Form by TheWritingDragon Redwall Stamp by RuluuPostage Vali stamp by Lilafly
Drako stamp by Lilafly Cats Stamps :3 by FelineMyth ShadowClan Stamp by VampsStock I love Dutch Rabbits by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Holland Lops by WishmasterAlchemist Skillet Stamp by RecklessKaiser Thousand Foot Krutch by FunkyJesusMusic I love Gypsy Vanners by WishmasterAlchemist
Anthro Artist Stamp by Anuiu-Stamps I love Netherland Dwarfs by WishmasterAlchemist


Skylar doodle
Another character to go along with Shalom, Lynn, Leon, ect, this is a concept doodle of Skylar. He's .. a mess? Yea, that's probably the best way to describe this guy. :XD: Honestly I'm just planning him out right now, I'm not sure if he's a bad character or a gray one, I designed him to be gray, but eh, we'll see. All I know at this point is he belongs to one of the gangs in the city, and he was probably born into it. He's rather crazy to be honest ;P but to be honest I haven't thought much on his backstory as I thought him up like ... three days ago lol :giggle: We'll have to see what he becomes in the future.
Romsca of the Dragons
Well, I designed another empress dress for Romsca .. cause I can. I was really bored and actually had no idea what to draw .. so I drew this. Cause Romsca is easy to draw and I can design her the most outlandish and fantastical outfits, and she can actually appear in them. Anyway, yea. Not a lot to say on this one except I think it's pretty cool and her hair is seriously wild lol. Yes, I'm sure you've noticed I'm inconsistent about drawing her with/without a blue streak in her hair after becoming Empress. Maybe it's because I have to story outcomes in mind and am not sure which to go with ...... or maybe it's just because hair dye exists. ;P
TotO 'Strength to Stand'
So, this is picture I've wanted to draw for a long time, it's actually a scene in Seven Tears Shed, part of the epilog maybe, IDK, but it's something that does happen on screen. Basically, on the way home to Redwall, Durral wants to visit his old friend Orlando the Axe, and Romsca, of course, is the one taking him. So she decides to use it as a chance to improve Sampetra's relations with Salamandastron. Of course .. that's easier thought than done, and it's pretty tense, as you might imagine XD There might even be some sort of duel/fight if things start to go south .. I mean, this is the Badger Lord of Salamandastron and the Empress of Sampetra .. there's generations of bad blood between them. Durral's pretty much caught in the middle of it, but it was also his idea .. so yea. :P

The idea behind the title has to do with the idea that vermin should not even have the right to stand before such a noble figure as the Badger Lord, but Romsca dares to anyway. Also, just as the badger lord is a symbol of woodlanders, Romsca becomes a symbol for all vermin who wish to change their ways. So in a way, this picture kind of symbolizes the clash of two cultures. Eh, IDK, I'm rambling. But yea.
Newborn Rabbits
So yea, my rabbit Wind just had her second litter a day ago :) (I took this picture around five/six hours after they were born though) They're pedigree Dutch, and from what I can tell three of them should be very nice show bunnies. The others I'll sell as pets like last time. (How I can tell is from their spots, when their fur grows in the pink will be white and the dark will be whatever color they are, in this case, probably black or blue.) So if their spots are jagged now, they will be that way with fur.

But yea, they look a bit like baby rats or something right now, but in twelve days they'll have their eyes open, and in a couple weeks they'll look like adorable mini-rabbits. ^^
A never before drawn fursona of mine, Scorecat Abyss from my little known High Rhulain rewrite 'Dawn of a Queen'. I've never drawn Abyss simply because I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up for an epic retelling of High Rhulain anytime soon .. I may write it, I may not, and honestly I would rather write 'Prince of the North', my retelling of 'Rakkety Tam' first, and that's after 'The Challenger', so yea, let's be realistic here :XD: Anyways, Abyss is the daughter of Weilmark Scaut, and accordingly is not the nicest person. She's both powerful and sly, and she's detail oriented .. she likes to plan out everything beforehand. She tends to view herself as better than others, even if she would never outright say so, and has a tendency to enjoy another beast's pain too much. While she's not as much of a twisted mess as Dyrge, she's a twisted mess XP About like Romsca. Abyss is forced to become the personal guard of Jeefra, whom she easily manipulates (and doesn't especially like), and the mortal enemy of Pitru .. until the day when a would be murder changes everything.
Someone once asked me how I got involved on the internet .. I think it was a friend from archery. I laughed and said it was a bit hard to explain, that I'd probably take about a thousand words to describe it, and as I couldn't sleep tonight, I just wrote it out in Word. Guess what? I was right. It's a rather amusing .. sort of sad story, but I thought it might be fun to share.

Now you have to understand first of all, that I was exposed to very little tech as a kid. I knew what a VHS player was, and a DVD player as well, CD players, TVs, clocks, LP players, and slide phones with demos for games with poor CGI. That was all I knew. Computers and internet and texting were never a part of my life as a child, thanks to very little money to spare. When I finally learned about computers/internet, and all those good things I can't live without now, I was eleven. At this time I was in the height of reading Redwall and planning fanfictions, so when I found the Redwall website in the back of one of the books, and I knew I was going to have to check it out on grandpa’s computer next time we went to his house. (this was around late 2011) I found Brian Jacques obituaries on there, but I had no clue what an obituary was. My family is pretty small, and I’d not been to many funerals, and I’d never heard anyone use the term ‘obituaries’ so I legitimately had no clue my favorite author was dead. I also found .. some mailing address on there, probably not his, but I thought it was his. And I like .. seriously fangirled.

I like .. ran down from my grandpa’s computer room and I was like, ‘Dad, dad, I’m gonna write my fanfic and mail it to Brian Jacques! I found his address I’m going to mail him my fanfiction! He’s going to love it! I want to be his penpal! Maybe he’ll like it enough he’ll want to be my penpal! Maybe we’ll write the next Redwall book together!! Maybe I’ll illustrate it too!!! La la la la ’ And my dad’s like ‘Great, you do that.’

(RIP Sayna’s delusional dream 2011- 2013) (I’m laughing so hard I’m crying right now. Oh gosh. rofl )

Not only was my writing //horrendous// back then, Brian Jacques had quite literally passed away five months earlier, I had read his /obituaries/, was none the wiser, and I was babbling this to about half of my family. -_- I .. can’t even .. I’m laughing so much .. It’s actually really sad when you think about it ..

Even sadder is the fact that this dream sustained my writing career for over /a year/. Yes, for a year and a half I scribbled down ‘The Warrior’s Beginning’ and ‘Four Warriors Cometh’ into notebook after notebook, dreaming of the day I would send these masterpieces to Brian Jacques and become his fast friend. I copied that mailing address and practically enshrined it .. anyway, it’s in my dairy .. and about ten other notebooks.

After a year and a half, my grandma passed away. At her funeral .. I was sad enough, but then something happened that made it ten times worse. There had been a mistake in her obituary, and my grandpa was talking about it to somebody. I heard him use that word, and I got this really awful feeling .. like your stomach just fell into your shoes. So I went to my mom and asked what an obituary was. And she of course, explained it. So for the rest of the funeral I just sat there in a gloomy, tearless silence, like a little thunder cloud, because I had the horrible feeling that Brian Jacques had been gone for quite a while.

When we went back to my grandpa’s house, I Googled Brian Jacques name (I had learned to Google search by this time) and up popped the Redwall Wiki article. I cried for a bit after reading it, I won’t lie, but then I decided to have look about Redwall wiki, since I could tell it wasn’t the Redwall website. One of the first things I saw was one of Salem’s fanfics. Then I found one of another user, and I was so elated .. because while I couldn’t send Brain Jacques my fanfics, I’d found a place I could share them with other people.

I tried for about an hour to create an account, but couldn’t because I didn’t understand that when the site asked what year I was born in, they wanted the year 1999 and not 2013. Yes. I’m serious. For an hour I tried to put in the year 2013 because for some strange reason, I thought they were asking me for the current year at that time. Finally the site locked me out because I was ‘underage’ I couldn’t grasp why, since it said 13 or older, and I’d just turned 13 a couple months before. On the way home it finally hit me, and I knew I was the dumbest person alive at that point, at least when it came to the internet.

About a week later .. the next time we were at my grandpa’s house, I finally created my Redwall Wiki account on April 14, 2013. Salem was the first person to message me (aside from the RW robot welcome thing, which yes, I believed was a person) Ohmygosh I just went back and read my first posts and oh *cringe* *cringe* Yikes! Was that me? Salem, Salem you are an angel, you are so amazing for putting up with me I was /such/ a noob good grief .. XD I sound sooooooooooo awkward help me XD XD Salem, you’re the best. Love you <3  Scottie Blue also welcomed me and was wonderful (thanks Scottie, even if you never see this) I just want to state that Scottie’s art and Salem’s stories inspired me to no end .. as did Lear’s and Selound’s .. you all might not know it, but I love your work so much. I still do :3

Salem also was the first one to ask me for a request. At that time I was like … ‘Ummm I guess this is an internet thing?’ But I was really excited too and I wrote her a literal paragraph about what I could and could not draw *hides* Ashamed  She had me do a watercolor of her character Vayna Wildwood, and I didn’t know how to crop a scanned picture, so it was .. eh. But it was the start of something that’s lasted until this day.

So thanks to Salem I settled into Redwall wiki. And while I took a vacation to write some Warrior’s fanfiction, I returned to my RW fanfics and never left until this day. (Still working on my ninth one, with another and several side-stories planned)

So yea. That’s how I found Redwall Wiki and social media in general. Maybe an unconventional experience, but it’s mine, and I thought I’d share it with you guys just cause ;D
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